Vaharai IDPs II

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Civilians from Vaharai have displaced due to escalating violence, and sought refuge in schools in Batticaloa district.There are 735 persons-205 families are living in Zahira College welfare camp in Thiruchenthur -Batticaloa district. Among them are 417 males, and 318 females living here.

The Internally Displaced Persons pray for permanent peace, and want to return to their homes

"Women are faced with numerous short comings in the welfare camps. Especially our sanitary needs are not completely met" says Parameswary Sellathurai (40) of Kilivetti, who is in a welfare camp in Thiruchenthur

The internally displaced persons complain that, there is no privacy for them in the welfare camps

"I dropped my son to attend a tuition class.And I went to my sister's house, I heard shelling noise on the way. I immediately returned to pick up my son, but I found my son was injured. He died on the way to the hospital" says Rajendran (45)

Packiyarajah Pushparajah (27) got injured on his foot, while walking through shrub in the jungle

They share the space with a lot internally displaced persons

"I used to work as a fisherman in Vaharai.Now I neither have any work nor income. I have to find a job soon to take care of my family" says Anthonipillai Gnanasekeran (30)

The internally displaced persons stay outside during the day time, because it's hot.And it rains in the nights

"I lost my wife in 1987 due to war. I do not have anybody to look after me. I feel lonely, and left alone" says Arumaithurai Santhirasekaram (49)

The Internally Displaced Persons say that, their children are not attending school due to displacement

Women say that, they have to find job to support their families